Amouranth accuses Twitter of social media “censorship” by hiding content

amouranth calls out twitter for censorshipInstagram/Amouranth/freepik

Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is blasting Twitter for automatically “censoring” certain tweets for users.

Amouranth has grown to become one of the top content creators on any platform with millions of followers across Twitch, YouTube, OnlyFans, and Twitter.

Having dealt with scrutiny over her hot tub streams for quite some time, Siragusa has combatted calls for censorship in the past and has now set her sights on what she sees as a perpetrator: Twitter.

In a series of posts, the cosplayer took aim at Twitter for automatically hiding content the platform considers “sensitive” from users as their default setting.

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Amouranth blasts Twitter for censoring content

To begin, Amouranth shared a post from a mature website that had been hidden by Twitter. The post in question demanded that Meta answer for “unfairly” targeting certain creators with bans, shadow bans, and suspensions.

After a user appeared to argue that what Twitter was doing wasn’t censorship, Amouranth stormed back, accusing them of trying to “mansplain” to her.

“Requiring someone to change default settings IS censoring,” she blasted. “Favoring content in such a way makes a HUGE difference. I have default settings on this account TO be able to see what is and isn’t censored.”

She went on to explain that if she were to engage or retweet too much, her account would be throttled by the platform.

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“I have studied this issue DEEPLY. I have also studied the impact of default settings/choices,” she continued. “Internet explorer maintained monster market share for decades because defaults… Google pays Apple tens of billions a year because?”

This isn’t the first time social media giants have been criticized for censoring content. Most notably, as Mark Zuckerberg explained on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Facebook limited the reach of the New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop at the request of the FBI.

Social media censorship also made Elon Musk consider buying Twitter before the deal collapsed after the platform couldn’t tell him how many of its users were real and how many were bot accounts.

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