America’s Got Talent singer with stutter blows judges away with “inspiring” audition

Americas got Talent Amanda MammanaTwitter: AGT

Singer-songwriter Amanda Mammana blew the minds of America’s Got Talent judges with her recent audition despite suffering from a speech impediment.

Auditioning in front of thousands of people, combined with knowing millions more will be watching at home is one of the hardest things a budding performer will do.

Imagine being that performer… but you have a speech impediment that prevents you from saying your own name… and you have to say it in front of millions of people.

That’s the story of 19-year-old singer-songwriter Amanda Mammana, who deals with a stutter, and left America’s Got Talent judges blown away after her audition.

Amanda leaves judges windblown

On July 18, Amanda took center stage for her audition for America’s Got Talent and immediately was met with a speech block.

As she conversed with Howie Mandel, Amanda explained that she suffers from a speech impediment, and found out that she doesn’t stutter when singing.

This intrigued the judges, but they were blown away as soon as she began singing a song that she created.

As soon as her song ended, the crowd erupted in applause before the judges took over. Howie Mandel was the first to comment and asked what she thought about her performance.

“It’s crazy, there were times when I was a kid where I was like ‘I could never do anything like this, I’m not good enough,'” Amanda commented.

Mandel replied: “Good enough doesn’t explain what we just heard. It’s not only good, it’s great. Look how you’re moving this audience and I believe you’re moving millions of people at home. I just wanna say, thank you.”

Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and even host Terry Crews echoed Howie’s thoughts, complimenting Amanda on her courage to audition.

Simon Cowell added: “Amazing, Amanda. I mean come on. You spoke to us very honestly about the issues you have with your speech. It’s terrifying auditioning when you don’t have an issue like that, and then you’re amazing.

“Your voice is so pure, so beautiful. And also, you’re a good songwriter. You’re an incredible person. I’m so happy you came here.”

This writer has a stutter as well, and gives major kudos to Amanda for having the courage to audition in front of millions of people.