Amber Van Pelt hits back at TikTok fans saying Zoe LaVerne saved her life

. 2 years ago
Instagram: Amber Van Pelt

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Zoe LaVerne’s relationship with a thirteen-year-old boy, loyal fans have been accusing Amber Van Pelt of betraying her former best friend, spamming her social media with comments claiming that Zoe LaVerne was the reason she was still alive following her mental health struggles.

Not long ago, Van Pelt and LaVerne seemed to be the best of friends. They frequented each other’s social media channels nearly every day, with LaVerne comforting her during her messy split with Jack Hess over the summer.

But with LaVerne facing intense scrutiny over her relationship with a 13-year-old minor – which Van Pelt had previously criticised as “intense” and akin to “p**dophillia” in a private exchange with Cody Orlove – Van Pelt has attempted to move on from their friendship and carry on posting as normal.

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Instagram: Amber VanPelt
The two were previously close friends before falling out in the early autumn.

However, the Zoe LaVerne fandom – who refer to themselves ‘zonuts’ – have continued to target Van Pelt in the wake of LaVerne’s latest controversy.

In a recent Instagram live, Van Pelt called out ‘zonuts’ for one specific comment they kept making to her: namely, that LaVerne “saved her life” amid Van Pelt’s messy breakup over the summer.


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“Nobody [saved my life] but me. It was me!” Van Pelt insisted in response to the claims. “I’m the only reason I’m still here, and I want to make that very clear.”

What happened between Amber and Zoe?

Zoe LaVerne and Amber Van Pelt’s friendship came to an abrupt end in the early autumn of 2o2o. The last time Van Pelt posted about LaVerne was in early September of this year.

Fans had little insight into the reason the two’s friendship broke down until messages between Van Pelt and Orlove were leaked after the latter’s Instagram account was hacked.

In the exchange, Van Pelt claims that she ended her friendship with LaVerne because of her “intense” relationship with the minor, her frequent claims that Orlove “beat the sh*t out of her” and for being generally “toxic to [Van Pelt’s] mental health] – with Van Pelt even claiming that LaVerne catfished her by pretending to be her ex-boyfriend.

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Instagram: tiktokroom
Van Pelt gave some insight into the end of her friendship with LaVerne in a leaked conversation with Cody Orlove.

She also revealed in an Instagram live that LaVerne fabricated a rumor that she stole 11,000$ from the disgraced TikTok star.

Meanwhile, LaVerne has recently announced that she has checked herself into a hospital, telling followers on her fan account that she’s “trying to find help before it’s too late.”

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