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Amazon humiliated after viral Instagram caption contest completely backfires

Published: 9/Jan/2022 11:50 Updated: 9/Jan/2022 11:52

by Sam Comrie


Amazon France came under fire after an Instagram contest went hilariously wrong, causing users to spam the account with mass comments. 

As many companies have learned over the last few years, social media presence is pretty important and getting your audience is involved can be a lot of fun.

However, the staff behind the Amazon France Instagram account got more than they bargained for after an initially harmless contest got them into hot water.

Now, their Instagram account continues to be overwhelmed with comments as Amazon France backtracked on their actions.

An image of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos stepped down as Amazon’s CEO back in July 2021.

Amazon France make hilarious “promise”

In a bid to drum up engagement on their Instagram account, Amazon France ran a contest for users to flex their creative side. “Le meilleur commentaire sous ce post deviendra notre bio” the account initially said in a post, which translates to “The best comment under this post will become our bio.” 


Followers of the account got to work quickly, with this comment finding traction soon after the post went live: “Promis on payeras nos impôts
en France.”

Translated to “We premise will pay taxes in France,” Amazon France honored their word and allowed the comment to go into their bio. However, this quick jab at the company was picked up by higher-ups and had the bio subsequently changed.

Despite Amazon France deleting the comment, their account continues to be spammed with the phrase on many of their posts. The comment, a clear knock at former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has pleased users outside of Instagram too.


“My favorite is the one saying Bezos gives me the authorization to go to the toilette… lol,” said Twitter user @saku_zuckerburg.

We think Amazon will think twice next time they decide to engage their audience.