Amanda Holden baffles TikTok fans with “bizarre” viral video

Amanda Holden's "terrifying" TikTok video over a scarf with Instagram pictureTikTok/ Instagram: Amanda Holden

TikTok viewers were left puzzled after Amanda Holden posted a video, which has since gone viral, showing off her outfit but in a way in which she looked like she was “being held captive.”

Various celebrities from across the world have hopped onto TikTok as the platform has rapidly grown in popularity. Just some of the various names who have set themselves up on the app include Kim Kardashian, Lizzo, and Kevin Bacon.

Yet another name to add to the list is British celebrity Amanda Holden, known for being a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, who currently has 1.2 million TikTok followers.

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However, her latest video seemingly advertising for a clothing brand, had some “scared” viewers baffled. But, there was actually a wholesome reason behind her “strange” behavior.

Amanda Holden goes viral on TikTok over scarf video

On September 1, Holden posted a video while on holiday with her family in Sicily in which she showed off her attire including her bright yellow dress and a lemon-adorned scarf.

However, it was her seemingly scripted behaviour and bizarre comments which had some viewers confused: “It’s daytime, but it’s still a bit sexy. You know me, that’s just how I like it.”

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Many baffled viewers urged her to “blink” or “wear blue in your next video if Simon Cowell is holding you hostage.” While others also found Holden’s dialogue fairly relatable: “Me in my French speaking exam.”

However, what many of her fans didn’t know was that Holden was actually doing an impression of Sydney-based fashion star Patti Pink Cake.

The Instagram creator similarly became an internet sensation over one video in which she wished her fans a “happy Thursday” and showed off her bright pink attire, including her colourful scarf.

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Holden has already hit some hits with her TikTok content displaying her outfits from behind the scenes of Britain’s Got Talent. However, this particular video will no doubt go down as one of her most popular.

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