Alleged scam website gives surprising response to backlash from Jake Paul and RiceGum scandal

. 4 years ago
Jake Paul, YouTube / Chris Saint

Alleged gambling and scam website has finally responded to the backlash surrounding popular YouTubers Jake Paul and Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le, who are facing heavy criticism for partnering with the brand.

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The website spoke out on the issue in a Tweet on January 4, where they encouraged any users unsatisfied with their services to contact their customer support branch.

“Hey! Please, for all users who used our website and won some products, and who made a delivery request on [them], please provide all the details that you received [on] products [to],” the site wrote (albeit with some questionable spelling). “It will help us to improve our services for faster and better delivery of all items. 🙏”

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The Tweet has since been met with vocal disapproval, with many commenters noting the site’s $250,000,000 Los Angeles mansion up for grabs – which Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem discovered doesn’t even belong to the brand, but is currently up for sale.

Since Jake Paul and RiceGum’s partnered videos with the brand went live, many fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the site, with some even calling out the YouTubers for promoting gambling to their relatively young audiences.

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Both YouTubers have since responded to the debacle, with RiceGum expressing remorse due to his involvement in the scheme and admitting that he was paid a pretty penny for promoting the service. 

Jake Paul spoke out with a simple Tweet urging his young fans to stay away from gambling, which has since been met with ample backlash from critics.

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