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Entertainment • Aug 25, 2018

All Results From the KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard Fights

All Results From the KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard Fights

The KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard had a collection of great fights between some of the top personalities from the online community

Although many may be waiting for the main event of KSI vs Logan Paul, the Undercard included a variety of online personalities going head-to-head at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom.


Not including Jake Paul vs ComedyShortsGamer, the undercard featured a total of six matches across the day which included individuals such as Scarce, FaZe Sensei, and more.

If you were unable to watch the KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard, we have included a full list of all the final results below.


KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard Results

Match 1: Call Me Ham vs Jrizzy Jeremy

  • Winner: Call Me Ham

Match 2: MOMO vs  RossiHD

  • Winner: MOMO

Match 3: Coach Richard vs JMX

  • Winner: JMX

Match 4: FaZe Sensei vs overtflow

  • Winner: FaZe Sensei

Match 5: Rackaracka vs Scarce

  • Winner: Rackaracka

Match 6: AnEsonGib vs Jay Swingler

  • Winner: AnEsonGib

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