Alissa Violet trolls Chantel Jeffries with gross Nutella TikTok prank

Alissa Violet, Chantel Jeffries - YouTube

Alissa Violet is more than a top YouTuber and model; she’s also a huge face on TikTok, where she unveiled a hilarious prank against popular DJ and fellow model Chantel Jeffries.

Violet boasts a massive social media presence, amassing a whopping 9.3 million followers on Instagram and 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Considering her recent walk in Milan Fashion Week, it comes as little surprise that the social media star has equally famous friends, including DJ, actress, and model Chantel Jeffries.

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Alissa Violet, Instagram
Alissa Violet walked in Milan Fashion Week 2020, adding yet another success to her already bursting portfolio.

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In fact, Jeffries starred in one of Violet’s recent TikTok videos — a short-form video platform that rivals deceased application Vine for its fast-paced content.

Alissa’s 2.3 million TikTok followers were surprised to see a humorous prank from Violet, who laughingly held up a jar of Nutella in her bathroom for the camera.

Chantel Jeffries, Instagram
Chantel Jeffries is a popular DJ, record producer, model, and YouTuber, who became the unwitting butt of friend Alissa Violet’s practical joke.

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From there, it’s pretty easy to guess what’s about to happen: such pranks are common worldwide, with pranksters dipping their hands into chocolate spreads or dips meant to imitate human feces, leading to a hilarious reaction from their unwitting victims.

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Unfortunately for Jeffries, she ended up being the butt of this good-natured practical joke, with Violet sitting on the toilet lid and asking her DJ bestie to bring up some toilet paper, claiming she’d run out.
Nutella spread bears an uncanny resemblance to a much less pleasant substance – something practical jokers use to their advantage.

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Rising from the seat to grab the roll, Violet thanked Jeffries, making sure to transfer some of the Nutella from her hand to her friend’s arm in the process.

“Alissa, what the f**k?” Jeffries yelled, running out of the bathroom in disgust while Violet howled with laughter after successfully pulling off her prank.

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Keeping her caption for the video in mind, it looks like this is just the start of an upcoming “prank war” between the two models, with more shenanigans potentially to come.

This comedic video follows Violet’s catwalk at Milan Fashion Week 2020, where she modeled clothing from German designer Philipp Plein. Her TikTok prank just goes to show that even top models can have a little fun!

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