Alissa Violet finally breaks silence on FaZe Banks split

Published: 17/Jul/2019 22:11 Updated: 18/Jul/2019 9:10

by Brent Koepp


YouTuber and model Alissa Violet has spoken out for the first time following her recent breakup with FaZe Clan co-owner Ricky ‘Banks‘ Banks. 

Earlier in July, Banks took to social media to announce that he and longtime girlfriend Alissa Banks had split up, ending their two-year relationship.

In his tweet, he specified that they had decided to spend time “time apart” and that it was a team decision. But up to this point, we had not heard anything from Alissa – until today.

Alissa breaks her silence

The female YouTuber tweeted out today, that she was “still very hurt” over how the break up went down, and was coping with it in her own way. 

While she didn’t get into what was the cause for their breakup, she reminded everyone that no one really knows what happened except them. And echoed a similar statement as FaZe Banks made, in that she would always love and care about him.

Back in June, the FaZe Clan co-owner was on the ‘No Jumper’ podcast, where he admitted that he had slept with Tana Mongeau in the past. Soon after, his girlfriend unfollowed him on social media.

While many speculated that the Tana Mongeau revelation was the cause of the fight, both of them were quick to assure everyone that it was a coincidence, and the unrelated argument was just bad timing

Just days after Banks was on the podcast, he announced that the pair had broken up, but that they had actually decided to spend time apart a month before. 

Both Banks and Alissa have been vague on the details, with the FaZe clan co-owner saying it was a team decision, and her later comments focusing more on how upset she was over “how it happened”.

Instagram: banksThe couple in happier times.

Alissa is right in that no one really knows what happened behind closed doors, so speculation is just that – speculation. 

But given the string of hardships Banks has been going through recently, fans of the FaZe man and of Alissa will be hoping things get better soon for both of them.


Report claims Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight postponed

Published: 24/Jan/2021 23:13

by Charlotte Colombo


News outlets are reporting that highly-anticipated boxing match between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber-turned-amateur-boxer Logan Paul is being postponed.

Irish sports journalist Donagh Corby, who reports on behalf of MMA Island, claimed in a Tweet that he was told the match – which was scheduled for 2o February – had been rescheduled. He claims he was told this by Kelvin Moore, Logan Paul’s coach.

This comes after Moore posted about the fight being postponed on his own social media before deleting it.

The special exhibition fight, which Mayweather was set to come out of retirement for, was meant to be a pay-per-view event sponsored by Fanmio, a business offering video messages by celebrities.

Adding fuel to the rumors, fans noticed that Mayweather has since taken Fanmio out of his Twitter bio. JLeon also hinted that a reschedule was on the horizon during the latest episode of Jeff Mayweather’s podcast, where he said that he was “still waiting to hear the official date” of the fight.

Although Boxing News 24/7 reported that the fight has been delayed due to a “distinct lack of interest”, there is no official reason for the supposed reschedule.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the alleged postponement. One Twitter user claimed that “this has been known by some fans for a couple of weeks now”, while others were amused that “lack of interest” is the alleged reason for the postponement. A fan on Twitter said of the “lack of interest rumours: “That’s really the worst for Logan Paul -not humiliation or losing but nobody giving a s**t.”

Others are sceptical that a “lack of interest” is the true reason for the rescheduling, with one Twitter fan pointing out that it couldn’t be postponed due to lack of interest because the fight “hasn’t been promoted at all.”

This led to Twitter users speculating that the postponement is actually due to a struggle to secure a venue and confirm undercards.

Neither Paul nor Mayweather have spoken out publicly about the alleged postponement.

At the time of writing, Fanmio are still selling PPV access to the fight, with their website saying that the fight is set to happen in 27 days.