Alinity’s $160k Aston Martin luxury car hit while parked outside new home

AlinityTwitch: Alinity

Alinity has revealed her newly purchased $160k Aston Martin luxury car was hit while parked out front of her new house.

Over the last few years, Alinity has become one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch, with over 1.5 million followers on her channel.

She’s an OnlyFans content creator as well, making it known in the past that she makes significantly more money on OF than on Twitch.

Alinity recently used that money to buy a new Aston Martin luxury car and a house but revealed during a recent stream that somebody hit her car while parked outside the new house.

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Alinity reveals $160k Aston Martin was hit while parked

During a stream on May 2, 2023, Alinity shared what happened with her new-to-her car purchase as she was moving into her new house.

Alinity said she was looking out the window when, all of a sudden, she heard sirens outside.

“I run outside, and as I run outside onto the street, everybody is out there looking at something. Then I see a car in the middle of the road. A Mercedes, and the wheel came off,” she said.

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“Then I turn, and I look at my Aston Martin as I see that my Aston Martin has just been hit. I start[ed] screaming and crying.”

The Twitch star went on to explain that the other driver’s insurance is taking responsibility for her Aston Martin, although she has yet to hear anything about them fixing her car.

Alinity isn’t the first streamer to have an issue with their car recently, either. Back in January, Myth called for help after his car was stolen. On March 1, Ludwig’s “dream car” was stolen out of his warehouse.

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Last year, Mizkif’s Audi R8 was wrecked as well, amassing over $100k in damages in the process.

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