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Alinity slams Twitch over “big problem” with its ban policy

Published: 1/May/2020 19:55 Updated: 1/May/2020 21:42

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer ‘Alinity Divine’ came under fire after suffering a wardrobe malfunction during a live broadcast, only receiving a 24-hour ban for the scandal — an issue that she’s hitting out at the platform for, after FaZe Adapt received a lengthier ban for showing the slip-up.

Alinity became the target of social media backlash once again on April 24, after accidentally showing too much skin during a live stream when trying to stuff an object under her shirt.

A clip from the broadcast quickly went viral, with critics across the net calling for Twitch to ban the streamer over a matter that has historically seen many other streamers receive lengthy suspensions, in comparison.


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Finally, Twitch suspended Alinity for a 24-hour period: a length that was called into question almost immediately, but especially after fellow content creator FaZe Adapt received a three-day suspension for an apparently similar offense, although he was unsure of the reason for his ban.

“This is pretty cringe,” Adapt wrote of his suspension, which he proved with a screenshot of an email from Twitch, showing that he’d been banned for three days for “sexually suggestive content or activities.”

Alinity herself even responded to the situation, quoting Adapt’s Tweet in a reply calling for Twitch to give greater clarity to streamers and viewers regarding bans.


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“THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM!” she wrote. “Twitch needs to come forward and EXPLAIN the reason that gets people suspended: With a timestamp of the stream and a description of EXACTLY what happened. PUBLICLY. They can create a forum specifically for it. There needs to be RECORDS of this.”

That’s not all; the streamer went on to admit that she’s grown tired of becoming a point of contention on the site due to rarely being punished for on-stream mishaps.

“I am extremely tired of being a point of comparison and being harassed by the communities of every single streamer that receives a suspension,” she continued.


This isn’t the first time she’s hit out at Twitch over their response to the wardrobe malfunction, either, having also asked the platform to ban her for longer than 24-hours and admitting to trying for a three-day suspension in wake of a scandal that has sent the community into chaos.