Alinity shares wild story being recognized and insulted by homeless woman

Alinity livestreamingTwitch: Alinity

Twitch star Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has revealed the strange moment that she was recognized by a homeless woman on the street who then proceeded to insult her, leaving the streamer and her friend speechless.

With her popularity continuing to soar on Twitch, streamer Alinity is certainly used to being spotted by fans when out and about.

While the majority of her fan interactions are likely nothing to write home about, there was an instance with one woman who left Alinity feeling very shocked.

After noticing Alinity on the street, the fan then called her out as the “wh*re on Twitch,” leaving her shocked.

Alinity sitting in thrownTwitter: Alinity
Alinity was waiting to cross the street when she was shocked by a fan calling her a ‘wh*re.’

Alinity shocked by bizarre fan encounter

During her livestream on April 19, Alinity went into detail about how she and her friend were walking around together outside when she was recognized by someone living on the streets.

“We’re walking around downtown and there’s this homeless girl in a blanket, she’s got headphones on. We’re waiting for the [crossing] to go white so we can cross the street and she goes ‘Alinity!'”

As Alinity and her friend looked on in shock, the woman then said, “That’s you. You’re that wh*re on Twitch!”

Although Alinity and her friend tried to shrug off the comment and proceeded to cross the street, the exchange, unsurprisingly, left her feeling a bit dumbfounded.

Alinity went on to add, “Number one: that’s really cool that that girl knows who I am. Number two: who the f*ck does she think she is to come and call me a wh*re? Like, yeah, I’m a wh*re, but I’m a successful wh*re.”

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In the end, Alinity didn’t seem too phased by the encounter. She even wishing that she had captured the bizarre moment during her livestream. Much like the time she captured her wild condom stunt with Mizkif live on his stream.