Alinity screams in terror after falling for classic Twitch prank

Alinity, Twitch / Newsquest Media Group

Popular streaming platform Twitch is a hive for hilarious, on-stream antics – and even top streamers aren’t exempt from the madness, as popular streamer Alinity Divine found out during a ‘Just Chatting’ broadcast.

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Alinity was in the midst of a stream on April 19 when a viewer decided to play a prank on her, playing the classic ‘knock knock’ sound common in some Twitch broadcasts as a means to startle the host.

In fact, the sound was so sudden and realistic that Alinity screamed in fright, quickly removing her headphones to make sure that no one was knocking on the door of her room.

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Laughing it off

Despite being completely frazzled, Alinity realized the noise was just a prank, going on to laugh at her over-the-top reaction to the practical joke.

“That always gets me, man!” she admitted. “It sounds like someone is knocking here, next to the basement! Nobody should be able to knock on the basement, unless there’s a fucking ghost!”

Alinity went on to give viewers a detailed diagram of her home in MS paint, humorously explaining her outrageous reaction to the prank due to the fact that her streaming room is in a basement, underground.

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Pranking Pokimane on stream

Alinity isn’t the only streamer to have fallen for the prank, either; popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys likewise fell prey to the joke during a broadcast in late March, nearly jumping out of her skin after a viewer played the knocking sound in a successful attempt to startle her.

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“Stop!” Pokimane exclaimed, letting out an astonished gasp at the noise and looking toward her bedroom door. “I hate that! I’m sensitive right now! I hate you!”

Twitch or Twitter beef?

Alinity and Pokimane are no strangers to each other, although these hilarious pranks occurred nearly a month apart; in fact, Alinity even called out Pokimane during a stream in late February for reportedly demonetizing videos from smaller YouTubers (although she appeared to regret the statement almost instantaneously).

Alinity’s comments may have been in response to a Tweet that Pokimane posted a few days prior, where she took shots at female streamers who “actively and exclusively hate on other female streamers.”

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Pokimane never responded to Alinity’s comments during her stream, and has recently returned from TwitchCon Europe 2019 following her emotional trip to Paris, France with fellow streamer Jakenbake.