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Alinity responds to Greekgodx’s accusations on why she never gets banned from Twitch

Published: 3/Mar/2019 18:57 Updated: 16/Apr/2020 16:40

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity Divine may have given her response to accusations from fellow streamer Greekgodx, who speculated that she never gets banned from the platform due a possible relationship with Twitch’s CEO.

Greedgodx replied to a tweet from Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem on the subject, who uploaded a screenshot of Alinity taking a NSFW picture on stream that he sarcastically captioned, “TWITCH!”

Greek replied to the tweet with a screenshot from his own stream, where he’d dropped his cellphone during a run on the treadmill – and captured a hilarious angle of himself in the process.

Alinity went on to respond to Greek’s photo – which may have doubled as a comment on his speculation about her constant controversies.

“You look great at this angle,” Alinity replied, adding a smiley face for good measure.

While Greek didn’t reply to Alinity’s tweet, his fanbase did it for him, spamming an unamused photo of his face beneath the post (which he later applauded during a subsequent stream).

Alinity came under fire after taking a booty pic during a live stream on March 1, prompting mass speculation as to why she wasn’t banned from the platform due to the act.

Greekgodx theorized that Alinity may have dirt on Twitch’s CEO, Emmett Shear – and even claimed that she could have a physical relationship with him, to boot.

This isn’t the first time Alinity has faced backlash for her on-stream, antics, either; the streamer accidentally showcased her emails during a broadcast in November 2018, which showed that she’d sold underwear to a fan.

Later, Alinity accidentally showed a dick pic on stream, after one member of her discord posted the offending image in the server’s chat without warning.


How to turn off DMs on TikTok

Published: 23/Oct/2020 17:57

by Jacob Hale


TikTok has undeniably become a great way for people to find the content they like, make new friends and connect with like-minded people, just like any social media platform does — but you might want a bit more privacy on the app, and turning off Direct Messages might be the perfect solution.

You might want to turn DMs off for any number of reasons. You might be getting spammed, or receiving unwanted messages, and you want to block them out completely.

By default TikTok lets you share DMs with Friends on the app, or someone that you follow and follows you back.

But you can change the settings to better suit you if you don’t want to receive direct messages at all, regardless of the reason you want to prevent them.

David Dobrik TikTok page
If you’re getting unwanted DMs, it’s possible to turn them off.

How to turn off TikTok DMs

If you would prefer that you can’t be reached out to at all on TikTok, the process of changing your settings is actually really simple.

To stop even ‘Friends’ from DMing you on TikTok and closing them completely, here’s what you’ve got to do:

  1. Open your TikTok app.
  2. Click on the ‘Me’ tab.
  3. Press the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to access your Settings and Privacy.
  4. Click Privacy.
  5. Scroll down and, under the ‘Safety’ list, press ‘Who can send you direct messages’.
  6. Change the setting from Friends to No one.
TikTok direct message settings turn off
It’s very easy to turn off your DMs on TikTok.

After doing this, your direct messages will be closed off to everyone on the app, whether you follow them or not.

This is perfect if you’re getting spammed or receiving unwanted messages, especially from people you don’t know, and if you don’t want to unfollow them.

How to remove followers

As mentioned, one alternative to closing your direct messages (if you want to leave them open to friends) is by removing followers. This could mean either unfollowing the user, or removing them as one of your followers. Here’s how to do either of the above:

To unfollow a user:

  • Go to that user’s profile
  • Tap the “Following” icon
  • You should now no longer be following them

To remove a user from your followers:

  • Go to that user’s profile
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner
  • Tap “Remove this follower”

By following any of the above steps, you can completely turn off your DMs on TikTok, or just stop certain people from reaching out to you. Please also bear in mind that, if somebody is bothering you on the platform, you should also report them to let TikTok know so they can take appropriate action.