Alinity explains why she will no longer stream Just Dance on Twitch

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer Alinity Divine is known for playing a variety of games on her channel - but there’s one title that she won’t be going back to any time soon.


During a broadcast on March 3, one fan asked Alinity if she enjoyed playing popular rhythm game Just Dance.

While she seemed enthused about the game, she explained that she wouldn’t be playing it on stream, claiming that online perverts ruined her experience.


Alinity, Twitter
Alinity, Twitter
Popular Twitch streamer Alinity is no longer playing Just Dance on stream, due to perverted viewers.

“Oh my god, I love Just Dance!” she said excitedly. “But I don’t play on stream anymore, ‘cause [there’s] too many pervs. But I love Just Dance, it’s one of my favorite games.”

It comes as no surprise that Alinity is halting her streams of the game; a quick Google search for “Alinity Just Dance” brings up a slew of “sexy” compilation videos of her streams - likely the fault of the “pervs” in question.


However, Alinity herself has been at the center of controversy regarding sexual content in her broadcasts, after taking a NSFW booty pic during a live stream on March 2.

While Alinity explained the picture as trying to check for “butt sweat,” that isn’t her only NSFW slip-up, by far; she also accidentally showed a full-on dick pic during a stream on January 15, after one malicious user placed the offending image in her Discord server.


Despite Alinity’s controversies, she has yet to be banned from the platform - which has some streamers wondering if she has dirt on Twitch’s CEO.

Although none of these theories have yet been proven, Alinity continues to stream on Twitch without trouble (although she won’t be coming back to Just Dance in the near future).

Image Credit: Alinity, Twitch / Just Dance, Ubisoft