Alinity blasts Twitch viewers blaming her for other streamers' "unfair" bans - Dexerto

Alinity blasts Twitch viewers blaming her for other streamers’ “unfair” bans

Published: 21/Apr/2022 19:53

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has slammed fans of other streamers for tagging her whenever their favorite broadcasters get banned.

Alinity has long been the target of trolls who believe she receives special treatment from Twitch, allowing her to either avoid bans or get others suspended.

Things reached a boiling point back in 2019 following her infamous cat-throwing scandal, where a clip that showed her tossing her cat behind her back during a heated game of Apex Legends went viral – but she wasn’t punished by Twitch. An investigation by animal protective services also cleared her of any wrongdoing.

A year later, she denied claims she was responsible for getting legendary streamer Dr Disrespect indefinitely banned from the platform, but it seems like the issues are still ongoing to this day.


Alinity lashes out at trolls blaming her for Twitch bans

On April 21, Mogollon revealed she was still being tagged in threads when streamers get banned.

“It’s been 3 years. People still tag me when their favorite streamer receives an unfair ban. C*nts,” she blasted. This resulted in some to voice support for Alinity, completely flabbergasted that she was still receiving abuse.

“They won’t say sh*t when you win streamer of the year,” Mizkif’s channel manager replied.

“Literally at the peak of my career, ‘You fell off,’” Alinity replied, mocking her haters. “I don’t think they would stop Rosi.”

Another commented that the Colombian-Canadian was living “rent free” in trolls’ heads and joked that she should sublease.


“I’d be making bank tbh,” she said in agreement.

Alinity didn’t specify which recent streamer ban she was being tagged in this time around, but hopefully, this will be one of the last times she has to deal with the trolls bothering her on social media.