Alinity baffled after AI says Summit1g is a “bigger female streamer” than Amouranth

alinity with summit1g and amouranth on twitchTwitch/Alinity/Summit1g/Amouranth

Twitch star Alinity was forced to teach an AI about female streamers after it ranked Summit1g higher than Amouranth.

When it comes to the top female streamers on Twitch, there are all sorts of different opinions, but an AI might just take the prize for the most bizarre rankings.

AI has been taking over the internet for a while now and content creators have been taking advantage of it on Twitch and other platforms. During a recent broadcast, Alinity discovered why the technology still has much to learn.

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After seeing the AI’s ranking for Twitch streamers, the Colombian-Canadian adjusted her question to ask about the top females and was left completely shocked at the results.

AI ranks Summit1g as a top female Twitch streamer

Once Alinity put in her question, the AI responded by claiming that Pokimane, KittyPlays, and surprisingly Summit1g were all top females on Twitch.

“Summit?!” gasped Alinity. “Why does it think that Summit is a girl?”

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Being a good teacher, Alinity decided to correct the AI by explaining that Summit1g is a male, which the AI appeared to understand.

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When Alinity asked the AI the same question again, Summit1g wasn’t included, and instead, the artificial intelligence put Amouranth in his place, which makes sense considering she was the most-watched female of 2022.

“Holy sh*t, so maybe it was confusing Amouranth with Summit somehow?” she pondered. “Chat, it’s learning. I’m a good teacher!”

So far, neither Summit nor Amouranth have responded to the amusing interaction or thanked Alinity for clearing up such a wild error with the AI.

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It just goes to show that you shouldn’t believe everything an AI tells you!