Alec Benjamin hits up Dream for potential Minecraft collab soon

Dream Alec Benjamin CollabInstagram: @dreamwastaken / @alecbenjamin

Singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin reacted to Minecraft YouTuber Dream singing his hit song, ‘Jesus in LA,’ and hit him up to play some games.

It’s not often you see two worlds collide, especially when it involves a popular singer and the biggest Minecraft YouTuber on the planet. But that’s exactly what happened when Alec Benjamin spotted Dream singing his song, ‘‘Jesus in LA.’

He posted a video of him reacting to it on his TikTok channel and even smirked when Dream slapped his desk to the beat. It’s still fresh, but it already has more than 200,000 likes and 3,500 comments.

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Alec also reached out and contacted Dream on Twitter, hoping the two of them can collaborate.

“Hey Dream, I just heard you singing my song Jesus in LA. You sounded great!” he wrote. “I just started playing video games. Can we game together?”

Dream responded shortly after, and he was all for it. “Hell yeah,” he wrote. However, he also wanted to pay his respects and compliment him on his music. “Love your music. Incredibly talented.”

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“You’re the best!” wrote Alec. “[I will] dm you my number!  Think I’m about to get serious about Minecraft.”

So, it looks like a collaboration between them is on the cards, and their fans can’t wait.

Thousands poured into the comments section to express their excitement. “This is an incredible crossover,” wrote one fan. “[I’m] currently freaking out,” wrote another.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to see them play some Minecraft together. It will be an absolute treat.

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If we’re lucky, we might even see them bust out a duet together.

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