Streamers react to Aldi's questionable 'Teatime Takedown' campaign

by Eli Becht


Supermarket chain Aldi recently launched a campaign designed to get kids back to the dinner table instead of playing video games.


UK Supermarket chain Aldi has launched a campaign called 'Teatime Takeover' which is designed to get kids back to the dinner table instead of glued to their TVs playing video games.

The idea is parents would sign their child up for a program that would put their kids against professional gamers. The pros would presumably beat the kids so badly at games that they will stop playing. Seems like a simple method that will surely work, right?


Sign-ups for this campaign will run until March 31. The first 'takedown' event runs from March 22-24 and the second one runs March 29-31.

The idea behind this doesn't seem like it is too thought out on Aldi's end. What 12-year-old wouldn't want to go against a professional gamer in their match? We imagine any child would love to get into a match against Ninja, even if they are steamrolled by him.


Members of the gaming community have been speaking about the campaign, mostly making fun of it. 

Some popular streamers are even offering to play the part of 'professional gamer' who would virtually pound children into oblivion.


It's hard to see this campaign paying off for Aldi but maybe it can raise more awareness to parents wanting to eat dinner as a family.