AGDQ crowd saves speedrunner from epic mistake during Terraria run - Dexerto

AGDQ crowd saves speedrunner from epic mistake during Terraria run

Published: 8/Jan/2020 22:55 Updated: 8/Jan/2020 23:02

by Scott Robertson


During a run of Terraria at the Awesome Games Done Quick charity speedrunning event, TheVideoGameBadger was just seconds away from having to reset their entire progress because of a forgotten password, but luckily had the always vocal and attentive AGDQ crowd to bail him out.

The variety of speedruns at events like Awesome Games Done Quick is something to behold. Some runs take mere minutes while others stretch over hours, and some are efficient while others devolve into sheer trainwrecks.

A run that was already coming off the rails was momentarily rescued thanks to at least one member of the audience who was paying attention when the hectic speedrunner was not.


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TheVideoGameBadger was forty minutes into his run when he was plagued by server debacles. After getting that issue solved, he went to go log back into his server to complete his run when he realized something: he had forgotten his password.

The password he had literally just created to get back into the server had escaped him, but one audience member kept the run together, for the time being, by shouting it out to the runner.

Upon entering the password, Badger and the rest of the audience erupted into cheers with progress resumed, “at a world record pace,” he joked.


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But only twenty minutes later, he was struggling again with his multiple save files, so much so that he even accidentally closed his game while clicking randomly through the menus.

Despite the flurry of errors, he made no mistakes when it came to keeping the crowd engaged during one of the more wildly entertaining runs of the evening.

After getting past the hour mark, and still running into more new issues, eventually the AGDQ production crew had to call it quits on Badger’s run, and he was forced to end his session without completing it.

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But Badger himself wouldn’t call his run a failure in any regard, as he successfully raised over $30,000 in just over an hour, while remaining positive and entertaining through a myriad of technical issues plaguing him.

As a symbol of his magical run, and to raise some more charity money, he won the donation race to have himself named as the protagonist for the following Final Fantasy XIII playthrough – not all too bad for his first AGDQ.

The Awesome Games Done Quick event continues through January 12, and as of 5:30 PM EST, the event has raised over $632k.