Adult film stars Riley Reid & Mia Malkova's Q&A Twitch stream was as bizarre as you'd imagine

by Matt Porter


Adault filmstars Riley Reid and Mia Malkova discussed everything Fortnite and World of Warcraft to thousands of viewers.

On August 6, Malkova invited friend Riley Reid onto her channel, with the pair sitting down to answer questions about their professions and personal lives - and a little bit about Twitch too.

Instagram: Mia Malkova
Instagram: Mia Malkova
Mia Malkova has started streaming on Twitch.


The pair’s conversation about Twitch got off to a hilarious start, when fellow streamer Eric ‘Erobb’ Robbins appeared in the chat to ask them if they would like to hang out with him, only to get shut down in hilarious fashion by Reid.

“Who is he?” the 28-year-old asked. “I don’t know who Erobb is. Sorry!”

Mizkif, who was watching along, clearly saw the funny side of the exchange, bursting into laughter as Erobb presumably cringed elsewhere.

Fortunately, Malkova tried to explain who he was to spare even more embarrassment, as she discussed her appearance on Twitch Roulette, an episode on which Erobb was also on.

“I did the roulette, it’s me and 10 other streamers and I get to vote them off,” Malkova told Reid. “I get to ask a bunch of questions, (and kick them off) depending on their answers. Erobb was on there, he’s a pretty popular streamer. Erobb, I’ve checked out your channel since!”

Reid went on to reveal that she doesn’t have a huge knowledge of Twitch streamers, but that her Twitter is flooded by them 'sliding into her DMs', before revealing an amazing story about one Twitch personality who she thinks she offended.

Reid revealed: “There’s this one, he’s so cute. I sent him a happy birthday text, I sent him my fresh test to be like ‘happy birthday,’ and the way he reacted - I sell sex for a living, I make sexual jokes - I was like ‘I was just wishing you happy birthday, I wasn’t like trying to make you fuck me!’”

“Was he super for it?” asked Mia. “No, he wasn’t for it, I think he was offended!” responded Riley.

The Mob, of 100 Thieves fame, even got a mention, with a member of the chat asking the pair if they “Ride with The Mob,” a term used by fans of the social media stars. While The Mob got the answer they were likely looking for, it came with a hilarious catch.

“Yeah,” smirked Reid. “But I don’t know what that means!”

Other streamers like TrainwrecksTV also appeared in Malkova’s chat for the duration of her hour long broadcast with Reid, although luckily for him, he didn’t get roasted like Erobb did when he messaged the pair.