Adult content star disses hypocritical female Just Chatting streamers

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch is one of the net’s most popular live streaming platforms, boasting a wide variety of content for audiences across the web – but one of its categories comes under fire quite frequently.

Twitch’s “Just Chatting” category acts as a catch-all for games and activities outside of the site’s list of titles, which some streamers use as an opportunity to chat with their audiences during down time.

However, some personalities spark backlash for solely streaming under the category, and with many of these streamers being women, will incite outrage over their “revealing” clothing choices.



One streamer spoke out on this issue during a broadcast on October 16, where she mocked female Just Chatting streamers for seemingly using their provocative clothing choices as a means to rake in subscribers.

“‘Twitch is more about the personality,’” streamer Evelyn Claire read from the chat. “Oh sure, sure. ...it’s totally about the personality when you got f***ing women who get partnered, ‘cause they’re like, ‘Hey! Thank you for using your Twitch Prime on me!’”

Claire pushed her chair backwards and sat with her whole body in view of the camera, in an imitation of streamers like rising star “Bridgett,” giggling as she did so.

Claire’s comments come with an additional taste of irony, as the she’s not only a streamer: she is likewise an adult content star, with her social media accounts boasting highly sensitive material.

“The thing is, on the internet, you can find me full body, ya know?” she continued. “And I feel like Twitch is just a place for me to be shoulders up. I try to sell my personality here. Personality is all I got, you know? ...I try to make it about my personality. But Twitch is not just about personality.”

Claire’s opinion on the subject follows a swath of outrage surrounding streamers like “Amouranth,” who received a three-day ban for accidental indecent exposure – something that many critics were outraged by, considering the site’s other bans for “accidentally” heard phrases like “idiots,” among other controversial bans.