Adriana Chechik slams Adin Ross over call to ban Twitch hot tub streams: “Most disrespectful person”

adriana chechik and adin rossTwitch: AdinRoss / adrianachechik_

Following his now viral assertion that hot tub streams should be banned from Twitch, Adin Ross has been called out by fellow Twitch star Adriana Chechik, calling him “one of the most disrespectful” she’s met.

Adin Ross has received a mix of support and backlash after his call for Twitch to ban hot tub content, claiming that it is “poisonous.”

Much of the backlash stems from the fact that Adin himself has used suggestive content on his streams as a means to attract viewership.

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This is the point that Chechik herself raised, highlighting that Ross “chases after sex workers for views.”

Adriana Chechik calls out Adin Ross

In reply to a Dexerto tweet regarding Adin Ross’s comments, Chechik hit back.

“Says a man who clout chases after sex workers for views. One of the most disrespectful person I have ever met,” she said.

“Him and his team are time wasters with no respect for women or their time,” she concluded.

Chechik, who has worked in the adult industry for many years, is now also a successful Twitch streamer, boasting over 800,000 followers on the platform.

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She previously featured on Adin Ross’s stream, during a Discord call with Andrew Tate. During the call, she explained that she had refused to go on his stream before after she saw a clip of him making another star do “weird stuff.”

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