AdmiralBahroo takes Twitch break as harassment claims ramp up against VTuber

AdmiralBahroo emote of panda drinking from straw on starry backgroundTwitch: AdmiralBahroo

Twitch streamer AdmiralBahroo has announced they’re taking a break from the platform as harassment claims ramp up against the VTuber. He was originally tied up in the Bunny Ayu controversy, but more have come out with their own stories about Bahroo ⁠— which the streamer has vehemently denied.

AdmiralBahroo and fellow VTuber Bunny Ayu have been at the center of Twitch controversy this week following allegations of abuse and harassment.

Numerous creators have spoken out about the actions of Bunny, which has prompted the social media star to come out and apologize for their actions ⁠— while also denying most of the claims.

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Now, AdmiralBahroo is facing the same pressure. After those allegations tied AdmiralBahroo to Bunny, new streamers are coming out with their own stories about the panda VTuber. Twitch streamer ‘Arex’ went viral with his comments about Bahroo’s emotional abuse.

After becoming close with Bahroo in 2018, Arex’s relationship with the streamer deteriorated rapidly across two years. He had approached Bahroo about dealing with issues privately, but claimed “he wouldn’t listen to me and gaslit everything I said which made me silent.”

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“It took my friend Sam [Strippin] to expose Bahroo’s lies for him to finally ‘apologize’,” he said in a Twitlonger. “Until that moment, he was on stream and victimizing himself despite knowing what he had done to Layna. I feel he often uses these opportunities to manipulate the situation.”

Arex went on to describe how Bahroo “drove [him] into an awful mental state” by bullying the streamer. He would constantly drop into his streams to “advertise himself…in front of all the new people that were watching”, which peaked when he went viral during Pokemon Let’s Go’s rise.

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“Once people moved on he saw no value anymore,” he added.

“At one point in time my whole chat consisted of Bahroo’s subs. It was if someone copy-pasted his chat on top of my Twitch channel page. I was dominated by his influence and I just sat there and dealt with it.”

The streamer, who has nearly 150,000 followers, also described how Bahroo would talk about others ⁠— including Arex ⁠— behind their back. This was an accusation backed up by Strippin and Layna in their earlier statements.

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Bahroo would often lean on other streamers for emotional support, but Arex claimed “it just seemed like he wanted pity. It was really sad.”

AdmiralBahroo VTuber panda being held in Sam's armsTwitch: AdmiralBahroo
AdmiralBahroo defended themselves after Arex’s allegations were made public.

It peaked in 2020 when Bahroo admitted to being a “sh** friend” to Arex privately, but in the wave of “cancel culture” the VTuber would pester Arex about him having a chat instead of going public.

“I don’t know but I wanted to get away from him so badly. Too many red flags. All he cared about was if I was going to out him. From there I refused to talk to him and swore to never associate myself with him ever again.”

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Bahroo and his manager were hunting down answers while Arex was trying to move on, including filing a cease and desist letter to try and shut down any discussion on his personal stream.

“Despite him having no grounds to actually take legal action against me this still shook me to the core. I wanted to call it out so badly but I stayed silent in fear of him coming after me again. I’ve seen him crush so many people that have spoken out against him. I felt isolated.

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“He can try and claim he was misled by Bunny when he made lies about Layna, but to me that was his own wrongdoing.”

After the initial Twitlonger statement, Bahroo came out swinging on Twitch, calling the entire saga a “witch hunt”.

“We tried to end things amicably, we really tried, but now it’s time for the nuclear option. I’m not going to be reading all of this on stream, but I will be using my platform to direct towards the truth,” he said on a now-deleted March 22 stream, which lasted 22 minutes.

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“The internet is not a place for you to air your dirty laundry like this. I will not be bullied off my own platform when I, myself, have tried to reconcile multiple times in private.”

Bahroo called LaynaLazar ⁠— one of the first people to come out with statements against Bahroo ⁠— a “professional victim” and said he “will not be bullied off the internet” for approaching other streamers with concerns based on stories told by Bunny.

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“That’s where all of this began and started, and we’re not going to let it go on any longer.

“I tried admitting wrongdoing and moving on, but it’s not going to be enough for people. Here’s the plan. I’ve been able to use my platform to direct you all to the actual truth. I’ve taken this time to actually admit that, hey, I tried to reach out privately.

“I even got my manager involved. Just because we wanted to handle things like business professionals. Some of you, that’s not going to be good enough.”

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While he promised viewers he’ll “see them tomorrow”, he quickly ended stream before announcing he would be taking a break from Twitch.

“I have not hid that I was a terrible friend. I truly do want to improve with you all. I’ll be taking some time off. Some may never be able to see me change, I will do my best to hold myself accountable for my actions. This is all I can offer you,” he said just hours after the stream.

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“I am not a good person. Anything I try to type out right now will be extremely emotionally charged. I have wronged many over the years through my words. When I return I will address every person, especially those that have not yet said anything about me.”

Bahroo’s statement comes on the same day that Bunny issued a second Twitlonger with “all cards on the table”.

While Bunny didn’t deny all the claims against them and stated “I am sorry for who I was and have been”, she added her life had been “ruined” by the accusations.

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