Adin Ross wants to start boxing and already has opponent lined up

Adin Ross

Twitch star Adin Ross has revealed he’s looking to step in the ring for a boxing match, with him gearing up for his first bout in 2024.

Influencer boxing continues to get more exciting, and we’re just a few days out until we see KSI step in the ring with FaZe Temperrr at the OVO Arena in London.

There’s an absolutely stacked lineup of undercard bouts too, where we’ll be seeing some of our favorite influencers touch gloves.

Just about everybody is looking to get in on the action too, with the likes of Andrew Tate, and even football star Wayne Rooney keen to fight.

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Now, Twitch streamer Adin Ross, who’s quickly become one of the most followed creators on the Amazon-owned platform, has revealed his plans to step into the ring.

Adin Ross wants a boxing match in 2024

In a recent broadcast, the 22-year-old streamer shocked his fans after announcing he’s looking to kick off his boxing career.

Speaking with his security guard Ant, Adin revealed he’s looking to fight sometime in 2024. “I’m boxing in 2024 Ant, let’s get a bag in,” he said.

“You already know who I’m going to box, I’m not saying it right now. You know you know who it is.”

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“And you’re going to win,” his security guard added. “I know so. Everybody ain’t teachable, he ain’t teachable.”

Fans were quick to speculate who Adin will be touching gloves with. Many suggested that FaZe Rug or Ricegum would be good picks.

It’s worth noting that the Twitch star previously told fans in 2021 that he’s looking to start his boxing career after challenging YouTuber FlightReacts — which never came to fruition. So take what he says lightly.