Adin Ross’ Twitch unban has given controversial streamer second wind on platform

Adin Ross betTwitch: AdinRoss

Adin Ross is one of Twitch’s more controversial figures, with his permanent suspension earlier in 2022 nipping his career in the bud. However, following his unban, he is as popular as ever with his stats returning to near his 2021 peak.

Adin Ross might be one of Twitch’s most controversial figures, but he’s back on the airwaves making a splash. His indefinite ban earlier this year nearly put a stop to his rise to internet celebrity status, but if anything it’s spurred on his notoriety.

After a slide in his viewership across the last 12 months leading into his ban, Ross has found a second wind on Twitch as his stats skyrocket.

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Since his return on June 7, Adin Ross has averaged more than 77,000 concurrent viewers every Twitch stream according to Sullygnome. This is a near-return to form for the internet star who struggled (comparatively) for viewership at the start of 2022.

Adin Ross Twitch ban indefiniteInstagram: adinross
Adin Ross was hit with an indefinite ban from Twitch in April 2022, but it was lifted a month later.

Ross hit his peak in viewership around May 2021, getting more than 120,000 concurrent viewers on average before slowly declining all the way through to February 2022 with viewerships as low as 15,000 per stream.

At the time of his ban, he was averaging around 50,000 concurrents, but that has since jumped up by at least 50% consistently for the last two weeks as his unban put more eyes on his situation.

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Since getting back onto Twitch, Ross has split his time between chatting with his viewers and Slots streams. He has also spoken out about the gambling critics, defending fellow Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel after the variety streamer started switching up his own content in 2022.

Adin-Ross-net-worthTwitch: Adin Ross
Adin Ross’ Twitch return was welcomed by fans — evidenced by his huge boost in viewership.

Whether the second wind will last for any length of time remains to be seen though. His viewership has ebbed and flowed across the last two weeks, but with the star jamming nearly a stream a day into his schedule, there’s an effort to make that engagement stick.