Adin Ross’ manager says rappers won’t join his streams due to past “Nazi” guests

adin-ross-under-fire-for-using-racial-slur-denies-useYouTube: Adin Live

Adin Ross’ manager gave the streamer a brutally honest answer when he asked why top rappers aren’t willing to appear in his broadcasts.

Adin Ross is one of Kick’s most prominent streamers — but he has also become an inflammatory online figure over the past year.

This is due in part to his affiliation with other controversial personalities, such as Andrew Tate, whom he openly admires and even wanted to visit in prison during his arrest.

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That’s not all; Ross has also encouraged his viewers to harm other people during his broadcasts, and most recently told Twitch streamer Hasan to ‘kill himself’ in a tweet that sparked outrage across social media.

In the past, Ross also allowed self-proclaimed Nazis to appear on his streams and expressed a desire to invite one of particular renown onto his channel.

It’s for this reason that Ross’ manager says A-List celebrities and rappers don’t want to be associated with him.

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Adin Ross’ manager explains why top rappers won’t get on his streams

Ross rang his manager during a recent Kick stream, where he asked him why he can’t get rappers like Lil Uzi and Travis Scott as guests.

His manager gave him a brutally honest reply, using his affiliation with certain controversial figures as an example of why said artists don’t want to be affiliated with such a controversial streamer.

“Yeah, I would be getting you guests if they weren’t all afraid to be seen with you,” he answered. “It’s insane. Your reputation is just so toxic. No one wants to be anywhere near you.”

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“Wait, so it’s because I’m a brand risk?” Ross asked.

“Uh, duh,” his manager shot back. “…Oh yeah, they don’t want to be associated with a guy that’s having Nazis on his stream.”

“I stopped having Nazis [on my stream],” Ross hit back.

“Alright, but you still were doing it, dude. … I mean, you’re very closely affiliated with Andrew Tate, so a lot of people are afraid of that.”

Ross’s manager pulled no punches in his answer to his client, who has recently come under fire due to his comments toward Hasan — even sparking criticism from other top broadcasters like xQc.

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