Adin Ross hits back at “scamming” accusations over Corinna Kopf hot tub stream

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Adin Ross has been taking over the Twitch streaming world, but is now going on a break after lashing back at fans who accused him of scamming them over a romantic hot tub stream with Corinna Kopf. 

The Ross saga is a complicated one. Originally an NBA 2K streamer who gained enough clout to play with LeBron James’ son, FaZe Bronny, and actually speak to the NBA Hall of Famer on stream — Ross has since, quite literally, gone Hollywood.

Breaking up with his girlfriend and going from Florida back to Los Angeles, California, Ross kicked things off with a few streamed shenanigans that his followers were quite fond of. His welcoming party? A hot tub stream with Kopf and Julia Rose.

Within a few days, Ross had broken new ground on his Twitch stream as he and Kopf promised to kiss if enough fans subscribed (which they did). Within a few days of that, Ross failed to follow through on promises of another hot tub stream, consequently spurring a wave of backlash and “scammer” accusations that he was none too fond of.

Alluding to the various angry messages hurled his way, Ross clarified that “nobody scammed, bro” and called into question the allegations that he “changed and s**t.” In the same message, he explained that he would be taking a hiatus from streaming until he was on his “own setup.”

In Tinseltown, streaming from Kopf’s room and from bath tubs, it appears that Ross is dissatisfied with streaming for angry fans if the setting is outside of his control. In response to all of the backlash he’s received, he shared that people ‘pissed him off’ and gave a simple message to his “fake” fans: ‘f**k you for real.’

Overall, fans have fluctuated between supportive and not so supportive, with some explaining the context for those that missed all the drama. People don’t really know why the second hot tub stream didn’t happen, but many are understanding that streamers don’t deserve hate simply because of a missed stream.

Meanwhile, as others compare Kopf to Adin’s ex-girlfriend, a separate group have gone in the opposite direction — comparing Ross to Kopf’s ex, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney.

At the moment, it remains unclear how the dust will settle. Ross is evidently upset with fans who were quick to attack him and is putting content on hold as he figures out if he’ll set up his own stream in LA (or possibly back in Florida).

From Twitter replies to his statement, it appears that most fans are simply excited for the streamer and want to see more of him and Kopf. Until he gets his own stream set up, they may need to wait.

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