Adin Ross hit with huge Twitch follow bot adding millions of followers in a day

Instagram: AdinRoss/Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer AdinRoss has become the latest content creator to be hit by botted followers as his channel received over 3 million fake followers in one day.

Many Twitch streamers grind for weeks, months, and in some cases, years, in the hopes of being able to build up a thriving community.

Getting a few thousand followers, nevermind paying subscribers, is the goal for many, but in recent times, some have tried to cut corners with botted viewers and that’s opened the door for trolls to ruin things as well.

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Some trolls do it in the hopes of getting some streamers banned, and they’ll inflate their follower numbers with a few hundred thousand fake followers. In some cases, channels have received millions of followers in one go and jumped into the top 10 most-followed channels on Twitch.

Adin Ross posingTwitter: AdinRoss
Adin Ross has become massive on Twitch and YouTube.

Popular content creator AdinRoss became the latest to fall victim to a botting as he received over 3 million followers after he went live on April 3.

Unlike some of the streamers that have been targeted in the past, Ross is already pretty successful on Twitch. Prior to the botting, he had a shade over one million followers on Twitch, and averaging around 30,000 viewers per stream.

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Why exactly the botters have gone after the Ross particularly, though, is unknown. As noted, these attempts are typically done in the hopes of getting someone banned, but as of writing, that hasn’t happened to the streamer and the fake stats remain on his channel.

Graph showing AdinRoss' botted followers on TwitchScreenshot via SullyGnome
The large spike shows just how many botted followers Adin received.

Adin hasn’t said anything about it either, so it remains to be seen if he’ll roast whoever sent the botted figures to his channel or if it’ll be sorted out before he next goes live.

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Given that Twitch has been able to scrub channels of botted followers before, they should be able to do the same for Adin, but it doesn’t always happen. G2’s HeelMike still has many of the botted followers his channel picked up a few months back.

Sodapoppin has also been the victim of a follow bot, and he too still has those followers on the account.

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