Adin Ross admits he could be done with Twitch streaming: "I just want to be happy" - Dexerto

Adin Ross admits he could be done with Twitch streaming: “I just want to be happy”

Published: 17/Oct/2021 3:56 Updated: 18/Oct/2021 14:20

by Brad Norton


Adin Ross could soon be walking away from Twitch for good as the social media superstar has revealed he no longer finds “enjoyment” from streaming and has lost all “motivation”.

Adin Ross is one of the biggest names to breakthrough into internet stardom in recent months.

From relative obscurity to a top five personality on Twitch in just a matter of weeks, Adin Ross became a top star through early NBA 2K streams and the IRL sensation that soon followed.

But after spending most of the year on top of the livestreaming mountain — going through his own hardships and controversies throughout the climb — Ross could now be set to leave it all behind.


Adin Ross Twitch
Twitch: AdinRoss
Adin Ross could be set to walk away from his 5 million followers on Twitch.

A surprise October 17 YouTube video caught fans off guard with the title: ‘Quitting Streaming.’

Having time to consider his future while recovering from laser eye surgery, Ross admitted he no longer “has fun” streaming on Twitch.

“I’m thinking about stopping streaming,” he told viewers right off the bat. A mix of issues have left Ross unsure of “what to do on stream” and uncertain if he’ll even find any “enjoyment” in the process.

“I’m about to drop this [GTA RP] world, I’m hoping it succeeds. But if it doesn’t, I just don’t know what’s next.”


Having featured numerous mainstream celebrities in his broadcasts, Ross burst into the streaming space with more than 100,000 average viewers often tuning in daily.

However, it’s this constant “collaboration” that’s weighing him down more than anything.

Adin Ross with LiL Tecca on Twitch
Twitch: AdinRoss
Adin Ross admits constant high-profile collaborations have left him ‘drained.’

“I’m currently looking to get out of Los Angeles,” Ross explained.

“I kind of just want to live my life and be happy. LA is very draining and very toxic.

“Collaborations are cool, but I just want to do things on my own, I want to have my own legacy.”

Without these frequent collabs to promote, Ross has seen a decline in viewership, admitting the recent downturn has “got to [him].”


“People make me feel bad about dropping numbers,” he said. “It gets to me. Just because I’m not getting 100K like I used to.”

Despite having over five million followers on the platform, Ross appears all but ready to leave it behind.

“I don’t know what to do,” he said at the end of his latest video.

While the door is open for another brief stint on Twitch with the release of his new GTA project, there’s no telling what might come next.

Ross is yet to put an exact date on his next broadcast, nor when his final livestream could be taking place. We’ll be sure to keep you updated here in the days to come.