Adin Ross actually shaved his head after Andrew Tate prank on Twitch

Adin RossTwitter: AdinRoss

Adin Ross has shown off his new shaved head just weeks after pranking Andrew Tate with a cap covering his hair during a call on one of his Twitch streams.

On December 15, Adin Ross called Andrew Tate on Discord to have a conversation during a Twitch stream that day, only to prank Tate into thinking he shaved his head.

Having become increasingly acquainted with the controversial influencer, Adin entered into an agreement with Tate to shave his head as a way to become a “gangster” and planned on fulfilling his side of the deal on January 1, 2023.

The day has come, and Adin was quick to share the results on social media.

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Adin Ross shows off shaved head look after Andrew Tate deal

Shortly after shaving his head on January 1, the Twitch star took to Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to show off his new look.

“I did it. I went bald. It’s real, it’s very real. As real as it can be. I kept my word. 2023 we’re coming. We’re taking over the whole world,” he said in a TikTok video.

He captioned the video: “Man of my word. 202023 is our year.”

The posts quickly garnered a reaction from fans, with over 21,000 people commenting on his TikTok video.

“Bottom G,” one user said, while another commented: “Andrew Late.”

However, some of the Twitch star’s fans shared their love for his new look.

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“Actually not bad as I thought,” one fan replied.

It’s unknown what else Adin might have in store for his fans throughout 2023, but we’ll be sure to update you as the year progresses.

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