Addison Rae’s dad accidentally ruined his mansion NFT

YouTube: The Limelight Post

Addison Rae’s father isn’t doing too well in the crypto space after mistakenly transferring an NFT into the wrong wallet.

Monty Lopez, 46, is the father of TikTok sensation Addison Rae, and currently boasts over 6 million followers across social media.

In a recent street interview with paparazzi, Lopez claimed that he “burned down a mansion,” in reference to an NFT.

Monty Lopez burns down a $50,000+ NFT

In a February 24 video from “The Limelight Post,” Lopez was seen leaving Craigs in West Hollywood, California, when he revealed that a rare NFT he purchased was “burned,” or lost.

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The problem occurred after the 46-year-old attempted to transfer the NFT into a digital wallet that didn’t exist, resulting in the token being removed from circulation.

Lopez’s Ouse Mansion NFT was a one-of-a-kind piece minted on the Binance Smart Chain. It is also one of the first Ouse Token homes in a collection of 25.

Rae’s dad has had a rough intro into the digital world, as he revealed to a photographer that he was a victim of a hack on the popular NFT platform OpenSea, which netted him over $40,000 in lost damages.

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While many have struck gold mines in the NFT space, Lopez’s experience should be a strong reminder to be careful of where you invest your money.

In an Interview with Michael Peres (Mikey Peres), who is a software engineer and tech startup advisor with years of experience in helping blockchain-based startups, he said that “Certainly, the blockchain is the future but those who rush into the system without a healthy baseline of education are going to pay a heavy price.” 

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The stars further concluded the interview by stating that he will continue to invest and trade in the crypto space, and went on to joke about telling Soulja Boy that he’d “burnt the first house in the Metaverse.”