Addison Rae Uber driver clip confuses fans: Is it real?

Viral video has fans thinking Addison Rae drives for uberYouTube: The Hollywood Fix / TikTok: stickyboy69

A short clip showing Addison Rae driving a Tesla claims that she was someone’s Uber driver — but fans aren’t convinced that she actually signed up to work for the service.

Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s most prominent content creators. Boasting over 88 million followers on the viral video app, Rae has also scored a multi-film deal with Netflix, on top of her budding career as a music artist and appearances in Google commercials.

She’s a top-tier influencer with a ton of eyes online…so when someone claimed that she was their Uber driver, speculation immediately ensued.

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The rumors spawned from a viral TikTok uploaded on October 12, although a slew of other accounts on multiple social platforms have republished the video.

The clip shows Addison Rae driving a Tesla down the highway, with the cameraperson zooming into the rearview mirror to get a closeup of the TikToker’s face as she looks to her GPS for directions.

“Bro, I think Addison Rae is my Uber driver,” the clip’s caption says.

GeorgeNotFound gets driven around by Addison Rae in viral TikTok

Thus far, the short video has garnered over 1.6 million views — but it’s not exactly being taken seriously, as it was uploaded by none other than super-popular Minecraft creator GeorgeNotFound.

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This isn’t the first time George has been driven around by a famous internet star; on October 4, George uploaded a similar video with Dream in the driver’s seat while he filmed the Minecrafter navigating down the road from the back seat, also claiming the influencer was his Uber driver.

Fans are getting a good laugh at George’s latest upload with Addison Rae, with some commenters begging for a dancing collab.

“Addison better post a TikTok with you and Dream doing a dance. It would be rude not to to be honest,” one user suggested.

“I was gonna say ‘You Uber a lot’ as a joke, but I forgot you can’t drive,” another joked.

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Clearly, Addison is not working for Uber — but the idea of a famous TikToker going undercover as an Uber driver is certainly a humorous premise. Might be an idea for the next season of The D’Amelio Show?