Addison Rae slams haters for mocking her boyfriend: “Go outside”

Virginia Glaze
Instagram: addisonraee / TikTok: whoscancelledd

TikTok star Addison Rae is hitting back at internet trolls for mocking her boyfriend, guitarist Omer Fedi, after a paparazzi video of the couple went viral.

Addison Rae is one of the most popular personalities on TikTok. Boasting over 86 million fans on the app, she’s one of the platform’s most-followed creators overall.

But she’s more than a social media star; Addison also boasts her very own makeup line, is in the middle of making a music album, and, most notably, started an acting career after scoring a multi-film deal with Netflix last year.

Her professional life continues to look up… but that isn’t stopping internet trolls from dunking on her any chance they get.

he's all that netflix
Addison Rae made her movie debut as the leading lady in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That.’

Addison Rae has been a target for trolls throughout her career as an online superstar. The TikToker has publicly slammed “hurtful” body shaming comments in the past and often preaches positivity on her Twitter account.

However, her relationship with boyfriend Omer Fedi has given critics yet another target to pick on — and Addison isn’t having any of it.

In mid-February 2022, a video showing Addison and Omer sharing an affectionate moment in public went viral on TikTok.

Comments underneath the clip were less than positive, with some comparing Fedi to a homeless person while others thanked Rae for “doing charity.”

The TikToker hit back at these comments with a vengeance, writing underneath one particularly snarky quip: “You are so lame.”

Addison hits back at haters omer fedi

“Some of these comments are so lame,” she commented on the video. “Go outside.”

addison rae hits back at haters omer fedi

This isn’t the first time Rae has hit back at criticism over her choice of romantic partners; just last week, Rae had to calm down the internet after critics speculated that Fedi had posted an intimate picture of himself and Rae without her consent.

It looks like Addison is fairly happy with her current relationship — and she’s not taking any BS when it comes to her man.