Addison Rae reveals her next acting move might be inspired by Breaking Bad

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Addison Rae reveals Breaking Bad inspiration
Sony Pictures Television / Instagram: Addison Rae

TikTok star Addison Rae opened up about her upcoming acting pursuits after signing a multi-film deal with Netflix last year, claiming her next roles might be inspired by Breaking Bad.

Addison Rae is one part social media superstar and one part up-and-coming actress.

After first gaining fame on TikTok — where she sits as the platform’s 4th most-followed creator — she notably scored a starring role in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’ to some not-so-positive reviews.

Despite earning less-than-stellar feedback on the 90’s classic remake, Rae was able to score a multi-film deal with Netflix shortly thereafter, and is set to appear in even more movies in the near future.

he's all that netflix
Addison Rae made her movie debut as the leading lady in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That.’

Addison Rae wants to play villains in upcoming movies

While not much is known about these upcoming films, Rae did drop a few hints in a recent interview with Variety, where she revealed some surprising inspiration for her future roles — including a potential casting as a villain.

“I want to show people I’m not just limited to one thing,” she admitted. “I want to play the bad guy but also the good guy. I eventually want something really deep and emotional and real as possible.”

Addison Rae He's All That
Addison Rae’s role in He’s All That is just the first step in her acting career after the TikToker scored a multi-film deal with Netflix in September 2021.

Addison Rae reveals acting inspiration from ‘Breaking Bad’

Rae then claimed that she’s been watching a lot of Breaking Bad and says she’s learning a lot from the award-winning television drama.

“From the way it’s shot, to the script to the acting, it’s all incredible,” Rae said of the show.

“After doing my film and experiencing that, I always watch things from a different perspective now. Being able to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ and also learn from it is something that I really enjoy.”

Addison Rae reveals breaking bad inspiration
Sony Pictures Television
TikTok star Addison Rae revealed she’s been binging Breaking Bad lately and taking notes from the show for her own acting pursuits.

Although there’s no telling what sort of character we’ll see Addison portray next, it’s clear that she’s open to anything and everything — although her Breaking Bad binge is certainly unexpected.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Addison take on a more serious role after the lighthearted rom-com that put her on the path to the silver screen.