Addison Rae responds to people still telling her to ‘get a job’ on Twitter

Addison Rae posing for a pictureInstagram: addisonraee

TikTok star Addison Rae had the perfect response to people who constantly reply to her tweets telling her to ‘get a job’ using the viral ‘he’s a ten but’ trend.

21-year-old Addison Rae has been a huge star on TikTok for a while now, and with over 88 million followers she is currently the fourth most followed person on the whole app.

Although the star has millions of adoring fans, she often comes up against backlash online, usually from people telling her to ‘get a real job’ or other comments to that effect.

On July 17, the star had the perfect response to trolls that constantly reply to her with simply the word ‘job,’ in the style of the popular ‘he’s a ten but’ meme that’s been going viral online through June and July.

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This trend usually sees people follow up the phrase ‘he’s a ten but’ with a negative personality trait that forces people to reconsider their original rating of a person. In her tweet, Addison wrote: “He’s a 10 but he replies “Job” to people’s tweets.”

Predictably, many replied to this tweet with variations of the comments ‘job’ and ‘ratio,’ but it seems as though many fans like the star’s take on the popular trend, with her tweet gaining over 5000 likes.

This isn’t the first time Addison has hit back at haters on Twitter. In February, she wrote, “Normalize blocking people. How are you gonna bully me and stress me out on my phone that I pay for?” and when someone replied telling her to get a job, she simply fired back, “I’m an industry plant I don’t need a job.”

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Addison is still thriving thanks to her social media career, and even recently released her own line of dolls inspired by her.