Addison Rae reacts after mother’s TikTok account is hacked

Addison Rae, YouTube / Sheri Easterling, Instagram

The mother of famous TikTok creator Addison Rae, Sheri Easterling, saw her TikTok and Instagram accounts compromised on May 13, with the hacker promising sensitive videos of Addison in exchange for follows.

Being an internet-famous entertainer is no cake walk, with dozens of online personalities sharing accounts of serious breaches of privacy from over-enthusiastic fans and haters.

TikTok stars are not exempt from this rule, unfortunately, as seen in the case of Addison Rae’s mother, Sheri Easterling, who experienced one such incident after her TikTok and Instagram accounts were hacked.

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The hacker posted a video to her TikTok account advertising a Discord channel, citing the name “SCUM GANG” — not a far cry from the “Lizard Squad” who infamously hacked several high-profile YouTubers just last year.

Sheri Easterling, TikTok / First Tea, YouTube
Sheri Easterling’s TikTok account was compromised by a hacker, who used the opportunity to advertise their Discord channel.

That’s not all; the hacker also posted a video of someone using the toilet on Sheri’s Instagram account, asking viewers to follow his account on the platform for access to an allegedly sensitive tape of Addison Rae.

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Fans were quick to notice the hacker’s activities and begged him to stop, but at the time of writing, Sheri’s accounts are still active and the videos are still live on her respective profile pages.

sherieasterling, Instagram
Sheri Easterling’s Instagram account was also compromised, with the hacker promising sensitive videos of Addison Rae in exchange for follows.

However, the entire Easterling family is well-aware of the hacking, as evidenced by a TikTok posted to Addison’s account.

The video shows Addison and her family looking less-than-bemused, with a caption that reads, “When your privacy is stolen from you and your personal information is broadcasted to the world wide web.”

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The hacker also hijacked Sheri’s Instagram account and began a live broadcast, where the displayed sensitive content, among other disturbing videos.

“I’m just so upset and so sorry,” Sheri said of the incident on Twitter. “What gets to me the most is thinking of anyone that watched the live feed and the horrible things that were seen. That thought right there stays with me and makes me so uneasy and nauseous. I’m just so, so sorry.”

In spite of the hacking, fans are overwhelmingly supportive of the Easterling family as the matter continues to be sorted out, leaving many viewers anxious that the offenders will target another major TikTok personality, next.

UPDATE 4:03 PM PST – Sheri’s Twitter account has also been compromised, with Addison Rae warning fans to “please disregard everything” from her profile.

The hackers have posted numerous offensive Tweets from Sheri’s account, including posts bodyshaming Addison’s fans, saying racial slurs, and promoting links to other profile pages.

Stay tuned to Dexerto as we continue to update this developing story.