Addison Rae & Kourtney Kardashian raise eyebrows over “creepy” photos

Published: 25/Aug/2020 20:44

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Addison Rae and A-list celeb Kourtney Kardashian are sparking confusion across the net after uploading a few photos that some fans think are toeing a rather divisive line.

It’s no secret that Addison Rae is close with the Kardashian clan; in fact, the TikToker (who reportedly stands as the platform’s highest-earning creator) collaborated with Kourtney on a booty-based, social-distanced workout in late May.

Claiming that she’d met Kourtney after surprising her son, Mason (an avid fan), for a special meet-and-greet, the two have been thick as thieves ever since — but some fans are taking issue with their unusual friendship.

The stars sparked debate on August 24, after posting a few bikini-clad poolside photos to Instagram, which featured Kourtney posing over a prostrate Addison, and vice versa.

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picture me I picture you

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Kourtney also shared some pics of the two getting cozy in said pool, prompting further speculation among viewers.

“This is really weird,” one commenter wrote of the pictures.

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“Yeah, what’s the purpose?” a Redditor chimed in. “I love Kourt, but the pose is super weird. Idk if she is doing this to stir controversy or if she really has developed a friendship with this young woman. Either way, it’s pretty cringe.”

“This is a 19 year old girl… what is Kourtney doing?” another said. “This is creepy af.”

Reddit commenters chime in on the Addison Rae / Kourtney Kardashian photos.
Reddit: KUWTK
Commenters across Reddit took issue with the odd photos, with many finding them “weird” or “creepy.”

For the most part, critics appear to be taking issue with the aforementioned age difference between the celebs; with Kourtney standing at 41 and Addison at 19, it does seem to be an odd relationship that the two have managed to strike up amid the current global health crisis.

According to Addison, however, nothing is out of the ordinary about their friendship, claiming in a previous interview with E!: “I’ve had such an amazing time spending time with Kourtney and meeting the family. They’re all just such loving people that genuinely care about each other. That just continuously inspires me.”

While both stars have yet to comment on the subject at the time of writing, fans are still waiting with eyebrows raised for an explanation after being somewhat put off by the unexpected pics that have since racked up well over four million likes, combined.


Twitch’s new stream “Boost” feature raises concern for smaller channels

Published: 3/Dec/2020 2:26

by Alan Bernal


Twitch is rolling out a new feature for eligible channels called “Boost this stream,” with the hopes of giving people an avenue to be featured on “highly visible parts” of the platform. However, there are concerns it’ll be damaging for the smaller streams trying to get noticed.

The new Community Challenge requires viewers to pool their Channel Points to unlock the reward. Streamers will get notified once the challenge is available on their channel, then will relay that to their community to start chipping away at the progress bar.

But there are concerns about its application. It’ll be on Twitch’s discretion for who gets to run the promotion as well as the target number to hit before a channel can be successfully Boosted.

The only hard number guideline with ‘Boost this stream’ is the 2,000 point limit that each user can contribute per day. Since individual streamers don’t know what their Boost target will be, some suggest this will be an easy feature to exploit.

“How is not going to be abused by larger streams with more viewers, and therefore a bigger pool?” one person wrote. “IMO channel points devoted for use with a Community Challenge should be weighted in value depending on viewership.”

Twitch responded saying “the amount of Channel Points required to successfully boost a stream is scaled with the size and viewership of the channel,” though a clear metric of how the cap increases wasn’t made available.

Another issue raised was the way Twitch would consider someone to be a ‘small streamer,’ seeing as they’ll be the likely candidates to receive the chance to get Boosted.

If it’s going by viewer count, then small streamers can be anything from 2-10 average viewers to 100-2000 live watchers per session. If it’s going by follower count or subscriber count, then that has its own implications as well.

But Boost is a wholly experimental feature that has a lot of variables still being workshopped. For example, in the FAQ, Twitch says that everything from what’s considered as a high visibility part of the site to who the feature is available as it rolls out could change.

As the company gets this feature into more users’ hands, expect Twitch to make adjustments depending on how Boost gets received throughout December.