Addison Rae has the best response for haters telling her to “get a job”

Addison Rae posing for an Instagram pictureInstagram: addisonraee

TikTok sensation Addison Rae had the perfect response for haters telling her to “get a job” on Twitter, and fans absolutely loved it.

21-year-old Addison Rae has been making videos on TikTok since 2019, and over the years she’s garnered an impressive 86 million followers.

She even went on to launch a music career with her song ‘Obsessed’ and then starred in the Netflix film ‘He’s All That’ in August 2021.

However, although the star has a huge number of fans, she also receives a significant amount of hate on social media, over anything from her clothes to her boyfriend. But she had the best response to a hater on Twitter on February 23.

Addison Rae takes a selfieInstagram: addisonraee
Addison is one of the most popular creators on TikTok.

Addison first went viral with a tweet about blocking people, writing, “normalize blocking people. How are you gonna bully me and stress me out on my phone that I pay for? No,” in a post that now has over 36,000 likes.

Shortly after, someone replied to the TikToker’s tweet, saying, “normalize getting a job industry plant.”

Addison was quick to reply with the perfect comeback, writing, “I’m an industry plant I don’t need a job.”

The reply has around 13,000 likes at the time of writing and has gathered millions of views and likes on other platforms, as people continue to re-upload screenshots of the comeback with their reactions.

“Honestly she served here,” one TikTok comment with over 70,000 likes read, another saying: “Her response is honestly hilarious lol.”

This isn’t the first time that Addison has responded to hate she receives online in recent weeks. Earlier in February, she slammed people who were hating on her boyfriend, Omer Fedi, calling them “lame” and telling them to “go outside.”