Addison Rae goes makeup-free in stunning viral TikTok to promote ‘He’s All That’

Addison Rae makeup free and with makeupInstagram/TikTok, Addison Rae

Addison Rae took to TikTok to post two videos that featured her appearing to wear no makeup and promoting her new film ‘He’s All That’. The videos have since gone viral and with fans praising Rae for how she looks.

While Rae isn’t known for wearing heavy makeup, she often wears it in her videos even if only a light lip gloss, foundation and eye shadow. This appears to be the first time Rae has posted a video of her completely makeup-free

In the first video, it features audio from Rae’s new movie ‘He’s All That’. The clip features Tanner Buchanan’s Cameron Kweller  saying to Rae’s Padgett Sawyer “it must be so hard to make yourself look terrible when you’re naturally so….beautiful.”

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Rae lip syncs to the conversation completely makeup-free before the video transitions to Rae singing along to the song from the film, ‘Kiss Me.’ In the latter half, Rae is wearing makeup and glittery eyeshadow but it appears to be the first time Rae has posted without wearing makeup.

Rae captioned the video “Who doesn’t love a good makeover story?!” referring to the plot of ‘He’s All That’ and fans were going wild in the comment section about the film and telling Rae she “looks so pretty.”

It seems to be part of a new TikTok challenge to get fans to lip-sync along as the audio was captioned “He’s All That Challenge.”

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In a later video, Rae is featured getting her hair done and again appears to be wearing no makeup. The video features Rae lip-syncing to Jeremih’s ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em” and transitions to her wearing a makeup look once the chorus kicks in.

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Again the comment section included fans telling Addison Rae she looked stunning and pretty, as well as praising her movie ‘He’s All That’.

The videos have gone viral with millions of likes and over 32 million views between them.

‘He’s All That’ received mixed reviews upon release. It has also been criticized for some editing errors and was described as the worst movie of all time by some. However, the movie has still proven to be a success with fans loving it and it got to number 1 on Netflix in over 62 countries.

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