Addison Rae fans criticize paparazzi after they film her getting pulled over by police

Georgina Smith
Addison Rae taking a selfie with her phone
Instagram: addisonraee

Fans of popular TikToker Addison Rae are hitting out at paparazzi, after they filmed her getting pulled over by police, claiming they’re just adding to an already “embarrassing” situation.

Ever since 20-year-old Addison Rae was thrown into the spotlight thanks to her popularity on TikTok, her career has been non-stop. From starring in an upcoming film to releasing her own single, and hanging out with the Kardashians, this star is having success after success.

But with the success has come a great deal of attention, with fans keen to find out what the star is getting up to in her daily life, along with what’s going on behind the scenes.

Addison rae in her music video for 'Obsessed'
YouTube: Addison Rae
‘Obsessed’ is Addison’s first single, and was released in March.

Her recent breakup with now ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall shocked fans when it was announced, and since then they have been trying to figure out if Addison is seeing anyone new, meaning paparazzi are keen to track the star down more than ever.

However, fans were not happy after the influencer paparazzi channel the Hollywood Fix uploaded a video of Addison getting pulled over by police in her pink Tesla.

They film from afar as the officer appears to write up a ticket and hand it to Addison, with the video lasting nearly three minutes.

The comment section for the April 18 video is now filled with people criticizing Hollywood Fix for filming the incident.

“Getting pulled over is so embarrassing and then imagine having someone record it and put it all online for anyone to see. I would be so done,” one person wrote. Another said: “I can’t imagine being video-taped while getting a traffic ticket. Get the damn cameras off people’s face.”

Others stressed that “Addison is a person too,” asking why the photographer added to the embarrassment of the situation by filming and uploading the video.

Comments on a paparazzi video of Addison Rae

It’s not clear from the footage exactly what Addison got pulled over for, or what the consequences were, but the title and the comments speculated that it could have been for speeding.

So far it appears that Addison has not mentioned the incident publicly, and Hollywood Fix has also not responded to comments calling them out.