Addison Rae drops hints she may be getting a reality TV show

. 2 years ago
IG: AddisonRaee

TikTok star and internet celebrity Addison Rae has teased fans over the prospect of a reality TV show starring her and her family. 

The exponential growth of TikTok has launched a new group of internet celebrities into the public eye. One person who has amassed a major following off the back of the Beijing-based social media site is Addison Rae, the 19-year-old American who, at the time of writing, sits at over 42.8 million followers.

She has made her name primarily through dance tutorials, in a similar vein to other TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio and JoJo Siwa.

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Instagram: AddisonRae
Rae has her own merchandise lines already.

Away from dance tutorials, it looks like Rae may be on her way to getting her very own reality TV show, alongside her family.

In response to a recent TikTok, one fan commented that her family “need to create a show I would watch it non-stop”. Rae replied to the comment with a simple emoji of eyes, but many fans took this as a hint that an idea similar is already in development.

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To add fuel to the fire, another fan commented that they have a YouTube video idea for Rae, focusing on her family and what they do around making TikTok videos together. In response, Rae commented: “or a whole season?”


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would we be here for a reality show on addison and her family??

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Obviously the comments do not act as concrete proof a TV show will be on the way, but many took Rae’s responses as suggestions that something similar is currently in the works.

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Whether it would debut on YouTube or TV is also not clear but, off the back of her incredible TikTok popularity, she has amassed over 2 million subscribers on the video sharing platform.

We’ll have to wait and see what, if any, official announcements follow, but we’ll cover them right here on Dexerto.

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