Addison Rae and Bryce Hall break silence following end of relationship

Addison Rae and Bryce HallInstagram: addisonraee

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall had their relationship come to a seemingly amicable end just days ago, and now the TikTok celebrities have broken their silence in the aftermath.

Once one of the powerhouse couples of the TikTok scene, Rae and Hall are among two of the most popular personalities on the social media platform. With over 70 million combined followers, the duo teased their audiences for weeks before finally making things official just a month ago.

While they were out of the spotlight together for a few weeks, things officially came to an end on September 5. They confirmed that they’re both still friends at the end of the day, but “no one knows the full story” of how their relationship came to a close.

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Despite the short-lived relationship status, both Rae and Hall took to social media today to shed light on their feelings after the breakup. 

“Stop forcing friendships into relationships,” Rae tweeted on September 9. Having learned from her recent experiences, she explained how she just “wants to be happy,” moving forward. “A lot of has happened these past few months,” she admitted. 

Meanwhile, Hall expressed nothing but positivity towards his now-ex partner. “Addison can do whatever she wants as fast as she wants,” he said. “We’re working on ourselves and I wish nothing but the best for her and her future.”

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The two appeared on-screen together across multiple platforms during their time together. There’s no telling if any future collaborations will ever be in the cards again, though Hall explained that he’ll at least need some time apart for now. “Breakups suck but I promise you time does heal everything,” he said.

“Not too happy with my choices lately and with the time I’m setting aside, I’m going to learn and at least attempt to fix my flaws.”

Even with the recent breakup, both have been keeping plenty busy. Rae has been creating new content and even went viral alongside David Dobrik. Meanwhile, Hall has been busy dealing with the authorities, potentially even facing jail time.

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