Addison Rae allegedly smoked a cigarette and the internet is in shambles

Photo of addison rae smoking goes viralYouTube: Addison Rae

TikTok star Addison Rae is facing a serious amount of criticism from concerned fans after a photo surfaced that showed the influencer allegedly holding what appears to be a cigarette between her fingers.

Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s most popular content creators. Boasting over 80 million followers on the popular video app, Rae has launched her own makeup line, released her first original song ‘Obsessed,’ and has even scored a starring role in Netflix’s upcoming ‘He’s All That’ film.

As such, it comes as little surprise that the influencer has all eyes on her, all the time — but this isn’t always a good thing, as she’s currently facing the ire of the entire internet after a certain photograph went viral.

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On May 31 (Memorial Day for the United States), a picture showing Addison Rae holding what seems to be a cigarette surfaced on social media… and it doesn’t look like critics were happy about it.

Addison Rae holding a cigaretteTwitter: @defnoodles
Addison Rae has become the hot topic of TikTok’s conversations after this photo went viral online.

The pic quickly made the rounds on social media, with several influencers claiming they’d been sent the photo multiple times from concerned fans and trolls hoping to spark debate on the issue.

However, many more found it ridiculous that so much negativity was being directed toward Addison — and still others worried about her health, with some wondering if she isn’t stressed out about all the drama with ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall or too busy with her current schedule.

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The TikToker may have posted a possible response to the drama with a cryptic Tweet, simply writing “double standards” — perhaps alluding to how some celebrities are glamorized for smoking, while others (like influencers) get piled on for doing so.

Rae is far from the first TikToker to get backlash for smoking, though; ‘La Di Die’ singer Nessa Barrett was also put under the microscope in January, after posting a photo of herself and Jaden Hossler lighting up cigarettes on Instagram.

Charli D’Amelio also received ample backlash for getting caught vaping in a video in August 2020, leaving her fanbase divided (although some speculated that it was an anti-anxiety pen).

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For now, it doesn’t seem like the constant speculation surrounding TikTok’s biggest personalities is dying down anytime soon, with the outrage around Addison’s purported smoking photo being the latest in a string of such incidents.