Adam22 says Kanye West is “disgracing his Mom’s legacy” with Kim & Pete Davidson drama

Jacob Hale
adam22 and kanye westYouTube: Bradley Martyn/Architectural Digest

Kanye West’s ongoing feud with ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson has been making every headline imaginable — and YouTuber and podcaster Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison has called the rapper out for “disgracing his mother’s legacy” with his antics.

Kanye and Kim started dating in 2011 before tying the knot in 2014. They went on to have four children together before separating in 2021.

With the divorce now finalized, Kanye has been very outspoken about his relationship, the problems they continue to face, and her new boyfriend Pete.

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In fact, Kanye even posted the animated video for his new single ‘Eazy’ with The Game, in which he can be seen depicted burying a Davidson lookalike alive.

Speaking of the ongoing drama, Adam22 went on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast with his wife Lena, and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind on exactly how he felt.

“I honestly feel really bad for them,” Adam said. “To me, it’s pretty transparent that he’s behaving like a f**king child. Of course he’s going to be embarrassed of all this bulls**t down the road.

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“To me, what’s really embarrassing about it is that you watch that documentary, you see his mother, you realize what an incredible person she was, and then you see him putting out an album named after her while acting like a bozo and blatantly just not respecting Kim’s personhood.”

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He went on to mention Kanye “dating all these new women” and his belief that the rapper is basically saying he can date all these new women, but Kim can’t date one person. He added: “It’s a disgrace to his mother’s legacy, the way he’s been acting.”

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While Kanye and Kim fans are very heavily in favor of each side, Adam made it abundantly clear that he sides fully with Kim, especially because of the relationship he should have with her for their children.

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