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Adam22 responds to accusations his vlog exposed LA drug dealers

Published: 14/Sep/2021 11:22

by Jacob Hale


Adam22 has become the go-to guy for the biggest up-and-coming rappers across the US, but now he’s being accused of snitching on some of them in a vlog that reportedly showed them making crack cocaine.

Adam22’s interviews on the No Jumper podcast threw him into the spotlight as well as helping propel some of the biggest young names in hip hop to the forefront of the scene.

Names like Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, and more saw huge hikes in their fanbases thanks to the podcast, but given the nature of the podcast, Adam has worked with a number of people with all kinds of backgrounds.


Drugs are a common topic of discussion in Adam22’s vlogs and on his podcast, but now he’s being accused of “snitching” on one group, members of the Nickerson County Bounty Hunna Watts Blood, thanks to the contents of one of his vlogs.

According to the tweet, 19 members were indicted after appearing in one of his vlogs, which saw them allegedly making crack for a music video.

Adam decided to clear up any rumors that he had snitched on the rappers, responding to the above tweet with his version of events.

“I show up in the projects to film a vlog with a young artist because YG asked me to,” he said in a response tweet. “They say they wanna do a scene cooking ‘crack’ (actually candle wax) for the vlog. I said okay but we blurred it for the final edit.”


He continued: “I assumed that if they wanted to be filmed pretending to cook up drugs that that meant they probably didn’t actually sell crack. Because that would be self snitching.”

Finally, Adam noted that “if they wanted to snitch on themselves, I really don’t consider that my fault.”