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Adam22 confirms KEEMSTAR’s suspicions of who tried to steal his cat

Published: 21/Sep/2018 18:04 Updated: 21/Sep/2018 18:12

by Virginia Glaze


Massive YouTuber and ‘No Jumper’ host Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison created a tweet on September 17, which revealed that an unnamed rapper was attempting to kidnap his cat.

The tweet was featured on KEEMSTAR’s YouTube show Drama Alert, where Adam22 responded to KEEMSTAR’s curiosity on the matter in a video clip.

In the clip, Adam described an instance where fans told him that someone was outside his store attempting to pay them to steal his cat, Tony. Adam described the rapper as, “a person who has been accused of a few other bad things.”

KEEMSTAR took to Google to determine the source of the villainy, and concluded that SoundCloud rapper Kid Buu had to be behind the claims.

Adam22 confirmed this resolution in his latest YouTube video.

In the video, Adam stated that Kid Buu (taking his name from the Dragon Ball character) was upset at him for not being featured in Adam’s ‘No Jumper’ podcast, which generally features underground music artists.

According to Adam, the rapper had asked to borrow Tony for a video shoot, offering him $150 to use the cat.

Apparently, the rapper was upset that Adam didn’t comply with his request, and asked some of Adam’s fans to kidnap the animal for $300, as confirmed in a Tweet in response to Adam’s initial post on the subject.

Adam ended his video by inviting Kid Buu onto the podcast, in order to “speak up and explain” the allegations against him. While Buu has yet to reply to his invitation, his appearance on other notable podcasts and desire to be featured on ‘No Jumper’ could potentially lead to an interesting conversation between the two personalities.


TimTheTatman rage quits after finding three fishing rods in Fortnite

Published: 5/Dec/2020 1:17

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite players know all too well what it’s like to land in a hot spot and struggle to find a weapon, including TimTheTatMan, who hilariously rage quit after he found nothing but fishing rods.

Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has jumped back on the Fortnite bandwagon in Season 5. The latest update has brought a lot of old stars back, and for the most part, the reception has been positive.

In Tim’s case though, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. He wanted to enjoy everything the new season has to offer. Instead, all he got was fishing rods and lots of them.

Epic Games Fortnite TimTheTatMan Fishing Pole
TimTheTatman is a talented gamer in his own right, but he’s also hilarious to watch.

TimTheTatman descended onto Salty Towers with his squad, looking for an ideal place to land. Unfortunately, the two vacant rooftops he saw both had fishing rods. “Oh good, a fishing pole, oh good, another fishing pole, okay,”  he said.

He decided to land on a house instead. “If I come in here and there’s a fishing pole, I’m leaving,” he said while breaking into the attic with his pickaxe. “I’m literally not kidding. I’m backing out if there’s a fishing pole in here.”

Fortunately, there wasn’t one in the attic, but there was nothing else either, so he dove a little deeper. He dropped down the staircase, turned left it into the kitchen, and hilariously found another fishing rod staring into his soul.

Epic Games Fortnite TimTheTatMan Fishing Pole
Epic Games
It’s not ideal to find a fishing rod as your first weapon in Fortnite.

Without saying a word, TimTheTatman opened up the menu, quit the game, and placed his hands on his head in disbelief. “I’m not doing it,” he said, as he struggled to find the words to sum up his rage.

“The two guns I was going to land on [were] fishing poles,” he added. “I open up a door and go left, fishing pole. I’ll try again. When you guys are done, I’ll be ready to go again. I’m not going to play that game. I’m not going to do it.”

There’s nothing worse than landing in a spot surrounded by enemies and finding nothing useful.

Still, TimTheTatman’s fans were rolling on the floor laughing after seeing him get so riled up about it. Plus, the fact it happened to be a fishing rod made it even funnier.