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Entertainment • Jan 11, 2019

ACE Family YouTubers under fire after giving child a penis lollipop

ACE Family YouTubers under fire after giving child a penis lollipop
Ace Family YouTube / Pete Kane

ACE Family's Austin McBroom has received a wave of criticism after buying a lollipop in the shape of a penis for a child, after footage of the incident went viral.  


McBroom is a father who regularly features on The ACE Family's popular YouTube channel, which currently has over 15 million subscribers, and recently recorded himself taking a toddler into what looks like an adult store to purchase a controversial piece of candy for them. 

"Keep that in the bag forever. Do not show that to anybody, OK. That's your little secret" he said to the child after buying the lollipop.


It is understood that the child in the video is not his daughter, however, BuzzFeed News has reported that the young girl is a relative of his partner. 

The footage above has been viewed 4.16 million times at the time of writing and viewers can see McBroom come closer to the camera to explain his decision right after leaving the store. 

"Guys I'm in so much trouble. But, she said she was going to steal it if I didn't buy it, so better me buy it" he added. 


The viral video has since attracted a huge amount of attention on Twitter, with many users concerned about the father's actions, and the story was even picked up by popular YouTube star Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem in one of his most recent videos, which was posted on January 9. 

“I have absolutely no idea what The ACE Family was thinking by filming this" Keem said. “It’s just gross.”

Here are a few more reactions from social media: 

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