ACE Family reportedly hit with two lawsuits amid Social Gloves pay drama

ACE Family facing lawsuitsYouTube: The ACE Family

YouTubers Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz of the ACE Family are reportedly facing two lawsuits amid controversy for not paying fighters involved in the Battle of the Platforms, as well as potential eviction from their $7 million home.

The ACE Family has been having a difficult time these past few weeks. In mid-June, Austin McBroom was linked as the owner of Social Gloves, and was accused of not paying influencers involved in the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event — accusations that are still being levied weeks after the criticisms first came to light.

That’s not all; it was recently reported that the ACE Family is facing eviction from their $7 million home, after purportedly failing to make mortgage payments on the house. The family is now facing pre-foreclosure on the mansion.

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Now, further documentation has come to light showing that the ACE Family may be facing two lawsuits in addition to their ongoing troubles.

Is the ACE Family being hit with lawsuits?

The first lawsuit was filed in September 2020 by a social media company named “Subify LLC,” while the second lawsuit, filed in April 2021, was filed by a rental company for construction equipment, named “Ahern Rentals.”

At the time of writing, both suits are currently labeled as “pending,” and neither McBroom nor Paiz have spoken out about the situation publicly.

Does Austin McBroom own Social Gloves?

Austin McBroom is the CEO of Ace Hat Collection Inc., which owns the Social Gloves trademark, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office directory.

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With this information in mind, it comes as little surprise that participants are hitting out at the YouTube star for not being paid for their time in the ring — and while McBroom hasn’t denied his ownership of Social Gloves, he has hit back at accusations of withholding pay from parties involved.

For now, it looks like the ACE Family has a lot on their plate, leaving fans and critics alike awaiting a public response from the YouTubers.