Abby Rao responds to “heartless” hate after RiceGum breakup

. 3 years ago
Abby Rao, Rice Gum - Instagram

Instagram model Abby Rao parted ways with YouTube star Bryan “RiceGum” Le in mid-November after nearly ten months of dating – but some fans weren’t happy with this development.

The two sparked breakup rumors after unfollowing each other on social media, with names like Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR later confirming their split, but Rao remained relatively silent on the matter, until now.

In an exclusive interview with celebrity news outlet Hollywood Life, she opened up about her breakup with RiceGum, as well as the ensuing hate that followed.

Rice Gum, Instagram
Instagram model Abby Rao parted ways with YouTuber RiceGum in a breakup that “destroyed” her – but fans aren’t showing any sympathy.

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Much like YouTuber Corinna Kopf’s split with Fortnite pro Tfue, fans accused Rao of using RiceGum for “clout,” calling her a “gold digger” – but the hate didn’t just start with their breakup.

“I fully knew that was gonna happen,” the Instagram star said of the ensuing hate train. “When we started dating, everyone was like, ‘Oh, you’re a clout chaser! You’re a gold digger!’ I get crazy evil, evil messages. …I was getting an influx of hate. And like, ‘Oh, I knew this was gonna happen, you did this as soon as you get the clout.’ It’s really heartless.”

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As for the specifics of their split, Rao claimed that she and Le parted ways after discovering they shared different goals in life, which ended up making the couple “clash.”

“I was just really destroyed,” she admitted. “I think with us two, the love was so strong and it still is. I still love him. I think we just wanted different things, and I think that we cared about different things… I wanted to focus on the things I cared about, like life things, and he kind of wanted to care about more his career. It just caused us to clash.”

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RiceGum introduced Rao to the world in a YouTube video on January 11 to ample speculation, with many accusing the model of using Le for his money.

It appears that their mindset still hasn’t changed following their breakup – but luckily for Rao, she continues to receive uplifting messages in the fallout of a romance with such a high-profile social media star.

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